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Set of 8 Kitchen essentials

Set of 8 Kitchen essentials

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Seasons Mix – Set of 8 Kitchen essentials.

Contains 8 bottles of fresh, and excellent gift when visiting family & friends. 

Pure herbs and spices with no preservatives or additives.

1- Original Seasoning: For chicken and pastas

2- Roast blend: For Steaks and Potatoes

3- Salad Seasoning: for homemade exciting salads

4- Arabia: Our rich 7 spices, must have for meats, chicken, Arabic flavoured rice & broth.

5- Mexicana our tasty Cajun seasoning blend.

6- Heat: Spicy Dukkah for an excellent flavour kick, sprinkled over any food

7- Potato Spice: Better than store bought for flavoured homemade fries.

8- Sumac: Freshly ground clean Sumac with no additives

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